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I’ve always painted, but it’s only now in my 50s that I’ve really been able to find my artistic voice.

After earning an art degree at UC Santa Barbara, I went on a long and winding career journey that included art directing a showdog magazine in LA, documentary filmmaking in Tibet and across Asia, running a small dude ride horseback operation in California, selling $50 steaks at a butcher shop in Texas, and finally here to Ithaca, where I work at Cornell University.

I’m drawn to nature. The natural beauty of the Finger Lakes inspires the colors and characters in my paintings, and the process of finding and wrapping sticks speaks to me of our magical forests, which show up in most of my work. I paint subjects that arise from my imagination, and most of them have a story to tell, like difficult conversations with ticks or encounters with judgmental chickens. I enjoy playing with different media; acrylics and watercolor, polymer clay, yarn and sticks, found objects, and photography.


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