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After years working as a figurative landscape painter, I have decided to dedicate myself to a period of working in non objective abstraction. Come visit and learn about the encaustic painting techniques that have helped inspire this new body of work.

My new work is still inspired by the landscape, but I am approaching the subject looking for the deeper abstract patterns in our surroundings that affect us all.

The stark light and dark of winter in Upstate New York, the shapes of barns and silos, the repetition and breaks of patterns in the natural world are all sources of inspiration. I am approaching the landscape from different perspectives, shifting to topographical and arial points of view. Other influences include 70’s graphic design, and African textiles, especially Kuba grass weavings from the Congo, and mud cloth from Burkina Faso. (I lived in both African countries as a child.)

This body of work begins with a limited pallet, new canvas shapes and new materials. After previously working in oils, I am now exploring printmaking and encaustics (pigmented hot wax). I’m working with the shape of the square, using it alone and in grids, and limiting my palette to mostly black and white. I am experimenting with the possibilities of building exciting textures with brushwork and applied heat, and carving into the surface. In printmaking, I am investigating the possibilities of minimalist mono prints and collage.

I welcome you to come see the results of all this exploration.

Studio Location Details:

My studio is on the 2nd floor, above my store, Petrune, on the Ithaca Commons.

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