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I have discovered that my dear friends who keep telling me life is supposed to be fun are absolutely right. I love that this is showing up in my work more and more.

I was a potter who liked making bowls, mugs and pitchers. I made other items as well. Then I switched to making clay sculptures, being especially drawn to rabbits, chickens, and fish. The more I discovered what clay could do, the more expressive the animals became. I really enjoyed the process. One day out in the garden I witnessed a dog barking at a 3 foot high rabbit I’d made. That certainly told me something.

Then, one day in midwinter, I ran out of clay and, being in a hurry to make several characters, I turned to using glue-soaked fabric supported by wire (something I’d seen on YouTube). I loved the possibility for color and a new sense of mobility. The result: a colorful assembly of characters that delight in greeting the visitors who come my way.

You should see what I’m doing now. I feel like it’s that dog barking again saying “this is something special.”


Studio Location Details and Accessibility:

Look for the Art Trail sign at our address on Pine Tree Road.  My studio is up the driveway beyond the house and is clearly marked. Enter through the periwinkle blue door with the purple trim.

My studio is on ground level and wheelchair accessible.

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