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As an artist, my main interest is in the relationship between color and light. In 2010, after discovering the extraordinary clarity and range of color in the early dawn sky,

I began the Aurora Series, in which I tried to capture that clarity, not photographically, but by abstracting the essence of the sky’s light in the brief moment before the sun rises over the horizon. I then extended my studies of the sky to other times of day and atmospheric conditions, including night skies.

I also began to explore the interaction of light and color on and through water, as well as on rainy city streets at night.

I was born in Scotland and from the age of five attended children’s art classes at the Glasgow School of Art. Spending time in Charles Rennie MacIntosh’s architectural masterpiece, surrounded by art and artists, had a profound influence on me. I continued to study Art at Scholarship Level at school after moving to London at the age of thirteen.

After high school, I attended London University for two years and then transferred to Harvard. After graduating I established a business buying and selling art and antiques, though I always continued to draw and paint. About twenty years ago it became clear to me that painting was my major interest. After taking some refresher courses, I closed my business to concentrate full time on painting. My paintings have been exhibited locally and in New York and have sold in both America and Britain.

Studio Location Details and Accessibility:

The driveway to my studio is on the left side of Rte. 96 going north from downtown Ithaca, almost directly opposite Dubois Road. (The property next door is Indian Creek Fruit Farm. As you reach the top of the driveway, the entrance to my studio is on your left.

There is one step leading into my studio.

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