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I have always loved color. What was more exciting than opening a new box of Crayola crayons on the first day of school, or watching paint fly off the “spin art” wheel?

But I suppressed those interests for years. Instead, I received a Ph.D. in sociology, raised two daughters, and worked as a writer, author, speaker, organizational leader, event planner and wedding officiant.

Thankfully, in recent years, I have been able to revive my childhood passions. I am primarily a fabric artist, but I also create acrylic paintings and mixed-media collage.

My work tends to be non-objective, abstract, and layered. Sometimes the design elements, alone, are what propel a piece, but I am also inspired by rural and urban landscapes, from the Southwest, to the Mediterranean, to the view from my window.

As a painter, I use brushes, brayers, sponges, palette knives, painting wedges, and more, as I play with ways to apply paint to paper or canvas. As an art-quilter, I rely mostly on my own original hand-dyed fabrics. Techniques include immersion dyeing, dye-painting, silk-screening, flour and wax resists, and ice-dyeing.

This is my 5th year on the Art Trail. I am a member The State of the Art Gallery, The Quilt Divas, The Finger Lakes Fiber Artists, and Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) and my work has been displayed in local and regional venues and shows. Regardless of the medium – fiber, acrylics, or collage – my goal is to generate the same childhood excitement and sense of wonder that came from opening a new box of crayons.

In addition to my website:

Studio Location Specifics

My home-based studio is surrounded by beautiful woods and is located in Danby, one mile off of 96B.


There is a flight of stairs

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