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I was born and raised where I currently live near Trumansburg, NY, surrounded by woods, fields, and waterfalls that are inspiration for much of my artwork. After earning an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Illinois, I returned home to begin renovation on our 19th century family barn. Setting aside art-making for several years, I focused on converting the barn into a home and art studio.

Years later I wrote and illustrated The Barn Story, a graphic memoir detailing the process of converting the barn. In illustrating the adventure story, I created a cartoon action figure to use as a surrogate to demonstrate how I accomplished the makeover. The spiral-bound book is a numbered edition of 200 and comes in a barn-shaped box that echoes the content and structure of the barn itself.

My career began with woodcarving and it occupies a significant place in my life, along with pursuits in mask-making, writing and lecturing. However, for the past number of years I’ve been working in the medium of mosaic. Nature is the recurring theme and within that a repeating “house” configuration.

In 1999-2000, with three other artists, I helped establish the Greater Ithaca Art Trail, now managed by CAP, as a way of encouraging and facilitating artists and community to engage. I’m pleased to be back on the trail and welcoming visitors to the studio.


There are two steps leading into my studio

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