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I am a nurturer, carefully guiding my work through many changes both physical and chemical. I create a wide array of wares, utilizing a multitude of techniques, from the mugs to jewelry, wheel-thrown to hand sculpted, all by hand. Each piece is completely unique and one of a kind.

As an artist I aim for a maximalist, eye-catching aesthetic. While as a potter I want my work to function well and feel good to the touch. I want you to use and interact with the art. Finally, as a ceramic artist I might ask: Is it really just a cup? Or is it a vessel… containing energy and passion, thoughts and ideas, infused with the joy of making;  a feast for your eyes?

With my figurative work I am exploring themes of self-care and body positivity while pushing the wheel thrown form firmly into sculptural territory. In my more traditional, functional work, I want each piece to read as thoughtfully as a painting, and to be a sensory delight inside and out, top to bottom. Located in the heart of Brooktondale, it’s a dream working in my newly built studio. Come see where I transform a soft lump of earth into a meaningful ceramic object!

Along with my instagram link under my portrait, please also visit my Etsy page

Location Details:

After you pull into the gravel driveway the studio is the beige barn to the right. There is a grassy walk from the driveway to the studio, 30 feet or so, and two steps up to the blue studio door. Signs will be up to guide you!


There are two steps and there is a grassy somewhat uneven walk from the driveway to the studio. 30 feet or so.
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