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I use painting to explore psychic terrain as much as the beauty of natural landscape. The Buddhists say Form is emptiness, emptiness is form and this is essentially what my painting is about. Walking an imaginary line between abstraction and landscape, I try to evoke the spaciousness of awareness with my work.

Born in Boston, I have lived all of my adult life in upstate NY.  I have close ties to Vermont where the flaming colors and crystal clear air help me find stillness within.  Although I work as a psychotherapist, I also practice art almost every day, sometimes for hours.  I see similarities in the two activities; the work of helping individuals find their own truths, and, in painting, the merging of contrast and harmony.  Both are a search for essence, both attempt to reconcile seemingly incompatible yearnings.

My painting continues to evolve dramatically. I am enjoying the ride. I use water soluble paints with plenty of linseed oil, and currently prefer painting on gessoed wood. If you are interested in mysticism and creativity, I share essays and art via my newsletter at

Studio Location Specifics:

My studio is located at 15 Oakcrest Road hidden by a tall cedar fence. On Art Trail event days you will see signs directing you through the fence to the studio at the back of the yard. Oakcrest Road runs between Triphammer and Cayuga Heights Road.


There is a sliding glass door to my studio and there is a rim along the floor.

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