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My photographs are my personal souvenirs of the social, natural, architectural and canine landscapes, seen with an appreciation for light and curious composition. Finding order in an otherwise chaotic world gives me satisfaction and a sense of calm. Making jewelry delights me. Located in the historic calendar clock factory building.

I have been a photographer my whole life. I had my first show at 16 and have gone on to exhibit widely throughout my 40 year career.  I balance my personal photography with my commercial assignments which include environmental portraits of people in the educational, medical, arts and business communities. A few years ago I expanded into jewelry-making. I make my Ithaca Rocks™ earrings with stones from Cayuga Lake combined with colorful light-catching beads, and I have tiny framed photographs as necklaces.

Photography is in my bones. It is my response to the world. I believe that beauty is nourishment for the soul and can be found in the most ordinary of places. I exercise this “muscle” daily with my iPhone, my dog, my surroundings – sometimes piecing images together. My hope is that by sharing my observations, others might see things in a new light and be somehow enriched.

Studio Location Details:

The large white building that my studio is in has several entrances, with different numbers. Use the door on Dey St with 201 over it, near the corner with Adams St.  Go up a flight of stairs and take a left.

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