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My Current body of Work is a mass of atmospheric undefinable dreamscapes. & I love making Monster Pieces out of RecycLable Garbage, along with music, or narrative Video.

I am from Ithaca, & I work in my house. I mostly show in NYC and out of Town & I love traveling with my work. After living in NYC for 23 years I moved home. & I am excited to participate in ArtTrail!

I am very distracted and I rely heavily on Dreams, and Daydreaming. I often will make a rough sketch and then not look at it for months.  I work on 6 or 7 drawings at a time. I love black india ink the comfort and SAFETY of the Color Black. I ask my drawings/paintings what they need. Most of my work is created in 20 minute sittings. I love the immediate commitment of working in water based paints.  I also collect recyclable trash and enjoy making Garbage installations, we must get used to it. The plastic is here to stay!  My work is in the NY State Museum in Albany, and the De Kooning Collection.

If you’d like to come by appointment, please call!


There is a ramp leading to my studio – wheelchair accessible.

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