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My home studio is a very special place. Is where I get to draw, paint, sketch and have conversations with myself about the creative process. I have two big windows that let a lot of light come in. From there I have a view of part of my neighborhood, lots of trees and enjoy the colors of the sky at sunset.

I work primarily with oils. I really love taking advantage of what they offer. Low drying times are wonderful when trying to blend colors, edges and giving the idea of volume on the subject. I’m inspired by the beauty around me and influenced by my life experiences when choosing what to paint.

In my paintings you’ll get to see portraits, still life, nature, animals and interior scenes. I believe they are timeless and transmit a sense of calm and wonder. In the portraits people are embedded in deep thought, not looking directly at their viewer and unaware of their surroundings. Can’t wait to share them with you.

I was born in Argentina and moved to Ithaca right after finishing University. I studied Fine Arts and specialized in painting. Life during the first years was hard. I didn’t speak a word of English and I wasn’t used to the long cold winters. It’s been almost twenty years of living here with my family, and if you ask me now, I’ll say I’m in love with this community, the beauty that each season brings, and I even got used to the snow.

Looking forward to your visit!

My facebook is under my portrait. Also check out


If there’s space you can park in the driveway. There are two tall steps to the front porch (no ramp) and one more step plus a 3.5 inch threshold to the front door.
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