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My home studio is on Park Street in the village of Groton – you can’t miss the riot of color in my front “yard” garden.

My work is a conduit to childhood experiences of place, color, the hum of insects and the smell of a sunny meadow in late spring. Tree leaves sparkle, seeds crack open and the energy between all things rushes into my heart. The wonder and joy of those moments comes forward into the Now, piercing the veil of hopelessness from the chronic pain in my body and the abuses of my Earth. Success for me is tapping into the spirit and strength of my childhood icons and offering them to my viewers unemcumbered by theory or wit.

The work itself is intimate in scale, inviting the viewer in close to experience the layers of paint and texture, bold value shifts and colors, and repetition of line and pattern in ambiguous spaces.

Having worked in a variety of media, recently I have moved into watercolor and egg tempera. The experience of materials is as important as any other part of my process, which can include anything from standing at my kitchen window watching the squirrels, to exploring ditches, to gardening, to grinding pigment into paint.

I graduated in 1998 with my MFA from the University of Oregon. I had an adjunct teaching position in 2002-03 at ESJC in Alabama, and worked as a newspaper page designer, first in Pennsylvania and then the Cortland Standard in 2006. A chronic illness became my priority a short time later. The last couple years have been a time of great healing, and I am excited and ready to share my art on the Trail.


There are three steps into my studio  – no railing.

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