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I grew up with art all around me. My father was an abstract painter, and Buffalo featured a wonderful modern art gallery and a lively arts scene.

I think we’re hardwired to appreciate beauty in music, art and literature; we can learn sophisticated ways to approach beauty, but at the most basic level I think people respond to certain constructs found in nature as reflected in aesthetic fundamentals and classic tropes.

As the daughter of an artist, I imbibed the principles of art making at an early age, yet I am constantly pulled in new directions rather than staying with one style or point of view.

Over the years, I’ve gone from watercolor botanical illustration to oil figurative painting to acrylics, inks and mixed media abstracts.

I am an active member of the Greater Ithaca Art Trail, the Buffalo Society of Artists, and maintain a home gallery. I am represented by Nitro Gallery, Indigo Art Consultants, London England, and Velvenoir for European sales. Online my work can be found at,,, and


Although my studio is ground level, there is a door frame threshold to get over.

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