Dede Hatch

My photographs are my personal souvenirs of the social, natural, architectural and canine landscapes, seen with an appreciation for light and curious composition. Finding order in an otherwise chaotic world gives me satisfaction and a sense of calm. Making jewelry delights me. Located in the historic calendar clock factory building.




Dede Hatch Photography, 201 Dey Street, Suite 217, Ithaca, NY 14850


From downtown Ithaca, head north on N. Cayuga Street, turn left on Tompkins Street, turn right on Auburn Street. A block ahead of you is a triangular park and on the other side of the park is a large white building. As you face the building, enter on the left side (Dey Street). Look for Art Trail sign.

If heading south on Rt.13, continue past Ithaca High school and turn LEFT onto Dey St. at the light. Go 2 blocks. Large white building on your left. Look for Art Trail sign.

If heading north on Rt. 13, go past The Science Center and turn RIGHT at the Dey St. light. Go 2 blocks. Large white building on your left. Look for Art Trail sign.


I have been a photographer my whole life, starting on the playground of my elementary school in Alexandria VA. At sixteen I had my first show, in Concord MA and I have gone on to exhibit widely throughout my 40 year career. Today, I strive to balance my art with my commercial assignments which often involve environmental portraits of people in the educational, medical and business communities. With my personal work, I enjoy finding beauty in the ordinary. It can be as simple as a gesture or line or quality of light. This happens in my garden, with architecture, or on the streets of a new city. Anywhere, really. I take what is in front of me, look carefully, make some choices, and collect what I see into the rectangle of the camera’s viewfinder. The satisfaction I gain from this process is my true reward. The resulting photograph is my souvenir of the moment.

A few years ago, I followed through on a long held desire to create jewelry with my photographs. A line of photo-necklaces came to be, followed by a line of earrings utilizing stones from Cayuga Lake and colorful beads. These I call Ithaca Rocks™.

In the past year I have come to appreciate the pure joy of using my iPhone’s camera, piecing images together into grids with the touch of my finger. Unlike the work with my “real” camera, these are more spontaneous and feel like visual diary entries. I am beginning to make prints of them and plan to have a portfolio of these for my Open Studios. I will be eager to have your feedback.

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