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“As an immigrant kid, growing up in the Bronx in NYC, being an artist wasn’t an acceptable career choice. But after being accepted to the renowned High School of Music & Art (remember the old movie Fame,) my parents relented. I studied art at Mt. Holyoke College and got my M.F.A.

Then I was so excited to land a position teaching at a community college, but after a difficult time in academia, I chose to leave. I made no art for about 10 years. Part of the work I do now is teaching meditation and energy healing partly as a result of that experience.

My paintings are mostly of clouds. Some might consider them a trite subject; but in fact they are endlessly fascinating. Ever changing, each cloud is absolutely unique. As a painter the challenge is to be extremely mindful, to work with full concentration before what you’re looking at shifts completely. It’s actually a meditative practice and being out in nature with senses on alert, only adds to that experience.

My more commercial art has me experimenting with brand new AI tools to create prints. Where first I was terrified of AI replacing artists (it will absolutely affect art making;) I decided to try it and face that fear. Could it be a tool for creative expression?

Because AI art and digital art both allow quicker creation, and more cheaply, they allow greater experimentation. One can take an idea from concept to finalization quickly. This allows for creating art at a lower price point allowing more people to enjoy the beauty of art.”

Studio Location Details and Accessibility:

My studio is in the rear cottage behind the house on the street.  There are no steps, but there is a tight turn to enter the space.

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