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I’m Torie Tiffany of Healing Path Studio, a safe, welcoming, and comforting space I created to share my love of energy healing in the many forms that call to me.

My artwork, a blend of photography and digital painting, is a physical expression of images that appear to me with a message. As I give form to these images, I also write a few lines of reflection, creating a finished piece with a clearly stated intention—whether that be a spiritual pondering or a hearty laugh.

The selected art pieces in my studio are presented in giclee on canvas, each displayed with its written vignette. All of my artwork is also available online, and can be printed on various materials, as well as on items such as t-shirts, tote bags, blankets, mugs, and more.

Studio Location Specifics and Accessibility:

I am located on Rt. 96B, 5 miles south of Ithaca College, on the right hand side of the road. The house sits down over the bank, with a pond and lots of landscaping.

There is one step leading up to my studio.

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