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In Papillon’s Palette Studio, where ideas come to await their wings, you’ll find the walls alive with unique digital collage and photography. Depicting flora, fauna and human life, the works are representative of the connective energy between all things. Presented in giclee on canvas, each piece is complimented by a descriptive vignette.
I fell in love with creating pictures using a Polaroid Swinger – yes, that long ago.  When I discovered the fascinating results of cutting out parts of several photos and pasting them together as something new, photographic collage became my favorite means of keeping a memory, making a statement or revealing a vision. Then along came digital tools with a whole array of new creative possibilities and I fell in love all over again.
My work is inspired by the elements, inhabitants and connective energy of our amazing universe. I create my collages by blending these aspects in a synthesis of photography and digital painting to create unique images in six different series ranging from sublime to comical.  I present each piece in giclee on canvas, with a descriptive vignette that I write as an extension of my expression.
I love what I do, especially sharing my creations.  Visitors to my studio bring awesome energy, compelling comments and great questions. Often someone finds a piece that really speaks to their heart, and I hope they all take with them a warm thought or a sweet inspiration.
Studio Location Specifics: 
I am located on Rt 96B, 5 miles south of Ithaca College, on the right hand side. House sits down over the bank, with a pond and lots of landscaping.
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