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I grew up on a farm in Ohio and spent most of my adult life in Southern California. I moved here for water and forest. Diversity is what you will find when visiting my studio and home gallery. Paintings, sculptures in wood, metal and bronze. Functional art, tables, benches and bowls. Native American long bows, Shaker boxes, buckets, brooms and so much more! At last count I have over 200 pieces of art and counting!

Being a “Builder and Artist” my entire life has been rich and inspiring. Six years ago I built my dream shop on ten beautiful acres we call “Sanctuary in the Woods”. It would be a pleasure for me to share what we have built here with you. Enjoy the art and walk our forest trails.
Thank you

Studio Location Specifics and Accessibility: 

When you arrive at Jackson Hollow, look for the large timber framed mailbox with the round “R.”

The studio is flat to the ground.  There is lots of my work in my house as well and that is up three steps.

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