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I moved to Ithaca 7 years ago when an opportunity arose to live in the town.  I’d sneak off as a driving teen to Ithaca on a regular basis because I was in awe and admiration of the music, art and progressive scene Ithaca had to teach me that my hometown could not.

I am a self taught artist that is a Jill of All Trades.  I love to try my hand at any and every medium that comes in my possession. You will find me drawing landscapes with Sharpies, carving and painting in scrap wood, repainting/restoring curb furniture, creating logos or painting with acrylic En Plein Air at local events,

I’m always interested in trying new techniques and bringing life to my art. Painting En Plein Air, which is French for “Out of Doors” is my main focus if I’m not commisioned for a piece of work. I paint in real time with local events and performances. Sometimes just sketching with marker at the local dive for a short musical set. I live to capture moments as they are happening in the Fingerlakes region.

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