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I make art because I breathe. Art-making — and art-sharing — is an integral part of our human experience.

I celebrate the natural world by painting landscapes. There is beauty all around us; I’m drawn to explore it, learn it, and express it, from sweeping vistas to hidden glens. Reflections on water, the interplay between light and shadow, the ever-changing sky: all of these are deep wells of inspiration, and I never tire of them. I primarily work with soft pastels, but I occasionally use water media when the mood strikes me.

I’m also a calligrapher, and I love to play with words from our collective literary history. I collect quotations that strike me as beautiful or insightful or brilliant, and my calligraphic artwork ranges from highly formal to gestural.

It is endlessly exciting to make the first mark of color on a blank sheet of paper, to make the first stroke with a pen. Each piece is a window into my lived experience that I can share with others, and I’m excited to share my art with you.

Location Specifics:

Come up the path and enter through the first door on your left. There will be signs to point the way.


Gravel driveway. The threshold step is 4 inches on the outside, with a lip on the inside of about 1.5 inches.

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