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To break, to tear, to cut. To slice, to push, to shift.

My small works, large installations and drawings investigate the tensions and distinctions between these different states of being. Underlying my work is the idea that much of what we think of as permanent is in a constant state of flux.

I have been exploring these ideas through large-scale works such as my twenty-year series of site-specific interventions on the site of an abandoned home on Sculpture Space grounds in Utica, NY.  My current installation, Transient Room, is built in response to a former cell at Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site in Philadelphia, PA. Simultaneously reflecting the architecture and contradicting it, Transient Room harnesses the changing light that enters the cell from the skylights.

Drawing is my most direct and personal form of expression. Like dreams that find links between disparate elements, drawings can find underlying connections between objects, spaces and ideas that otherwise might seem unrelated. What I love about drawing is its spontaneity. Each mark made creates a possibility and a problem. It is through trying to resolve a drawing’s problems, that I search for new ideas within my larger work.

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