Denise Milito

I have developed my style and technique over my lifetime, utilizing a BA in Interior design. I learned to create mosaic that is as functional as it is beautiful. My intent is to breathe life into discarded material, blending ordinary rocks, glass and tile with extraordinary materials. This process uplifts a space and creates beautiful energy, floors, walls, furniture and decorative items.  

I will not be open on Open Studio Weekends.

(Note: This artist is one of four who are not open on Open Studio weekends. The four are Denise Milito, Jon Reis, Michele Steffey and Ivy Stevens-Gupta.)


CeCe & LuLu


CeCe & LuLu, 1781 Trumansburg Rd., Trumansburg, NY 14886
NOTE: I will not be open on Open Studio weekends


From Ithaca, drive North on Route 96 toward Trumansburg. About a half mile north of Perry City Road turn right into the Jackson Heights Townhouses. My driveway is on the right. My studio is located behind my house and hosts a beautiful view. 


Transformation is my Focus. Over my career,  I have worked with this concept to manipulate discarded materials into functional art. My work ranges from large installations on floors and walls to private commissions for smaller pieces utilizing a client's broken heirloom. 

"Broken is a great place to start" is my mantra. I start with shards and move forward breathing in renewed life as I create art. Spaces and materials are transformed both physically and energetically. It's joyful. 

My process is part storytelling when I work with individuals and communities asking what they would like to express in their mosaic. 

The Dryden High School project reflects the writings, drawings and intention of 90 students and three teachers. I interpreted their work and brought it together into a cohesive design. I then led and supervised the project through to installation. Essentially, assisting in the expression of their story from thoughts to physical manifestation.  You can read about it by clicking this link:

"Broken is a Great Place to Start" was created for a woman who was assaulted when she was fifteen.  It tells her story of thriving in spite of her experience. It solidifies my personal belief that grace and beauty is attainable through healing and time. Beyond tragedy, wholeness is possible.

Mostly, I enjoy creating functional pieces. The "Bluebird of Happiness" table is a great example of this. I paired up with Durrand VanDoren to create this table. Thank you for giving my vision a base from which to start. 

I work on private commissions, public installations and produce a gift line under the business name of CeCe & LuLu. I can be found most weekends at the Ithaca Farmers Market at Steamboat Landing, selling up-cycled whimsical gifts, mittens and a colorful luxuriating line of glycerin soap. Like CeCe & LuLu on Facebook to follow my latest creations. I do mosaic exclusively on a commission basis.  

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