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Growing up in Connecticut I helped my father turn old barn foundations into stone walls and got the bug to create in stone.  As I learned to cook, I could never follow a recipe.  Little did I know that I was in training to be a collage artist working with found objects.  Only around in my 50s did I begin to take this ‘training’ into the creation of my art.

Having moved to Ulysses, I now have no buried rock but a magnificent studio in which to be an artist.  As with the walls of my youth, my art is a process of looking a piles of ‘stuff’ and deciding what ‘fits’.  I have never been able to plan how a work will turn out; it is always a surprise.  That, of course, is the fun.  I hope you will come and share that experience.

Studio Location Details:

105 Maplewood Road is at the north end of the road as it rejoins Route 89.  Do not be intimidated by the driveway, there is good parking and turnaround space down at the garage/studio.


The entrance is flat and wheelchair accessible. There is a threshold of less than an inch.

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