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My creative inspiration is rooted in the beauty I find in nature. I feel so lucky to live and work in a place where the everyday wonders of the natural world are all around me. My home and studio are in the hills of rural Danby, where I take my daily hike amid meadows, woods, ponds, and streams.  My studio windows look out on our garden, small orchard, and chicken yard.

As a lifelong artist, I’ve followed a meandering path through many media, including pottery, drawing, marionette making, poetry, music, and musical instrument making. I keep circling back to pottery, because I love clay so much. Clay is the earthiest and most tactile of media, and it lends itself so beautifully to a flowing, organic process of forming work, a process that mirrors the way nature herself creates art (trees, flowers, rock formations, bodies…). As with the masterworks of nature, this growth-like process by which the clay takes form becomes an essential aspect of what the completed piece expresses: the story of how it came to be.

My current work is in functional and sculptural pottery, while I also take a special delight in making flutes and other musical instruments out of clay, a pursuit that re-converges some of my divergent interests.

My website link is under my portrait and you can visit me at


There are 10 steps to my studio.



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