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Come visit my cordwood studio on our sustainable farm. You can pet the goats, check out the garden, and see all new artwork. Children are welcome!

As would be expected, the farm strongly influences my artwork. Most of my subjects are the animals, plants and birds that live all around me.

I use a wide variety of materials to create art including, glass, wood, paper, and ceramics. This versatility allows me to choose the material that best expresses the desired look of the finished artwork. Most of the wood used in my carvings is harvested here on the farm. American cherry is my favorite wood to carve. It is very dense and has a tight grain that allows amazing detail.

Our farm has been in the family for almost 100 years. Over the decades each generation has worked to transition the farm from a bare and rocky hilltop to the thriving ecosystem that it is today. Wildlife that we never saw 40 years ago is abundant here now. The garden and our farm animals provide much of our food.


Wheelchair accessible, no threshold. Can drive right up to the studio door.

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