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My parents say I’ve been an artist all my life, as I used to paint with my food as a little one, and as far back as I can remember I would agree with them. When I discovered fine art photography in middle school, I felt like my love for the medium, as well as process and experimentation, was truly born. I now work in multiple mediums, but mainly photography, painting/printmaking, as well as ink and charcoal on paper.

I am inspired by nature, which I know is a huge word, and very vague when it comes to art. I find myself drawn to capturing nature’s beautiful subtleties that exist right alongside our daily lives, that could easily go unnoticed. In a way, I sometimes feel like there’s a spotlight shining on a certain thing that nature is aching for someone to notice, and I happen to be there with my camera.  I’m drawn to how we interact with nature, and a human desire to at once control her and protect her.

In my daily life, I use the accessibility of my iPhone to capture the “spotlights” I see, but I also still have a love for film and my beloved twin lens camera. I love things with a history I can see, and that camera, and the old methods we use to bring an image to life in a darkroom, are in my blood. The tactile qualities of film, paper, paint, ink, make my heart truly sing. Recently, in my studio, I have been exploring ink on paper studies that explore a sort of aching quietness, similar to the images I capture via film or digital camera. I enjoy sewing a thread between work in several mediums, especially if I didn’t see one at the start of a project.

I am inspired also by people and other animals, as we are part of nature, and I have turned my fascination into a professional freelance photography business for the last 17 years. After receiving my BFA in photography and printmaking from Alfred University in 1996, I did two three-month-long photographic adventures; one took me to Ireland & Europe, the other, a year later, all across the US. I settled into Seattle for the next 18 years, and was thrilled to find a city where the wild spaces were still easily accessible. I moved back to NY almost three years ago, to be near family and raise our kids in the gorgeous Finger lakes region. This is my first year on the art trail, hopefully the first of many!

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