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Eighteen years ago, I went to art school with the intent of majoring in graphic design. In my second year at the Cleveland Institute of Art, I took a Fibers elective course and learned how to dye. I fell in love as I watched big pots of floating fleece absorb the mint greens and bubble gums pinks I was then obsessed with. I quickly changed my major and have never looked back.

During my undergraduate degree I learned how to weave, but it wasn’t until some years later when I realized that every single peoples on this planet have a textile tradition, that I truly understood the power of weaving. I then went on to study Jacquard (computerized) weaving during my graduate degree at Concordia University. It was there, in Montreal of all places, that I began growing and harvesting my own dye plants. I became mesmerized with the process of growing color from seed, and harvesting pigments from roadsides and streambeds. It changed my relationship and my understanding of the land, to textiles and to the community.

In 2013 I graduated and moved to Trumansburg with the sole intention of starting my own dye farm and weaving studio. Thanks to so many supportive people in my life, (and after many hours of delivering Thai food) I have been able to do this.

Studio Location Specifics

Luna Fiber Studio is now a storefront located on route 96, aka West Main St in Trumansburg. We are nestled between the former barber shop and Silver Line Tap Room, across the street from Tompkins Trust and Ron Don’s. (*For those of you have been to our previous location, we have moved about a block further north up the street!)

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