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Luna Fiber Studio is a fully equipped weaving studio located amongst the quaint second floor studios of Trumansburg. Here you will be able to see our beautiful floor looms in action, and even try weaving yourself! You can also learn more about our natural dye farm and our upcoming classes!

In 2004, two years into my undergraduate art degree, I took an elective introductory Fiber course where I handled raw wool for the first time. I learned how to wash, card, dye and felt these fibers to create a handmade textile. I was in love. I had no idea how this newfound relationship would completely change the course of my life.

Over a decade (and many restaurant jobs) later, I am now living my dream, teaching my community how to grow, harvest, and extract color from natural dye plants and how to weave their own cloth. My goal at Luna Fiber Studio is to bring people closer to understanding where cloth comes from, and to open their eyes to the magical processes of creating textiles.

I teach classes and private lessons at Luna Fiber Studio, but have also given workshops at Cornell, Ithaca College, The Johnson Museum of Art, New Roots, Wells College and The Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts. This year I am teaming up with Remembrance Farm to grow a wide array of natural dye plants including indigo, and will also be collaborating with GIAC and the Youth Farm Project.

Studio Location Details:

I share a studio with Dominica Brockman and Hilary Gifford (both on the Art Trail!) Gimme Coffee, Good to Go – Sandwiches & Grocery, and One Green Horse Bookstore are our neighborhood. You can park on the street or, there is a parking lot across the street from our studio. Find the purple door with the number 15 over it and go to the top of the stairs.

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