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My husband built my pottery studio in the walk-out basement of our home on West Hill in Ithaca. Very cozy with great views. While I work on the wheel I can watch the deer roam about my backyard.

I have been doing pottery on and off for 30 years. The biggest break from the wheel was when my children were born – I traded in the clay for bead work which seemed easier to manage with small children. Now that they are grown and onto their own adventures I have come back to the wheel and have devoted the time needed to become more intentional in my work.

I love making functional pieces – bowls, platters, serving dishes – but with bright surface designs. I work with engobes, made from the clay body and mason stains, and also use a technique called bubble glazing. But my favorite surface design technique is called Sgraffito. This involves coating the clay with underglaze and then “scratching away” the color to reveal the pattern – time consuming but so satisfying!

Working in clay has become an important part of who I am. It allows that creative part of me to have a voice. And it is great fun!

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