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I am an expressive realist painter. My oil paintings focus on the sculptural surface of the earth, the texture of those surfaces, and their tonal and color relationships. My personal interpretation of atmosphere adds character to my works. I give credit to Nature for composing beautiful landscapes and often I explore the relationship of those compositions with the addition of man-made features. It is the part of the landscape that I choose to paint that speaks to my sensibilities. When I experience a powerful section of a landscape, I try to capture the spirit of the place in a way that invites the viewer in and asks that they stay a while as a retreat from their present circumstances.

Paintings in my collection reflect the many locations in Europe and the United States that I’ve visited – but it’s the lush hills and valleys of the Finger Lakes region where I find my muse. At a time when development of our land is rampant, and its farms and forests are being transformed into industrial sites and housing developments, I hope to encourage my viewers to see landscape in a new way, one that will encourage the preservation of its beauty.

I hope my viewers will find tranquility similar to what I feel while creating these paintings.

Studio Location Specifics:

Travel North on Route 96 from Ithaca. Turn left on to Cold Springs Road about 1/4 mile past Jacksonville.  Continue 1/2 mile past the intersection at Halseyville Road. I’m the grey house with the shake shingle entry and red door. There are 2 steps into the entry/gallery and 7 more stairs to the studio.

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