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Growing up in the New York City area helped shape my creativity. Visiting museums and galleries on a regular basis peeked my interest in art. In school I took every art history class I could find.

I moved to Upstate New York and continued my education getting a Graphic Design Degree. After spending countless years working in the wine industry and traveling around the Finger Lakes, the landscape became ingrained in my mind. My current work is a combination of representational and abstract. There is a specific technique that is important to my work. I apply thick layers of paint with a palette knife in some areas, usually the abstract portion of the painting and minimal brush strokes to the realistic portion. I don’t paint in the “conventional” way. Applying the paint directly from the tube to the palette knife gives me the opportunity to be very creative with my movement of color. I use a combination of paint box colors and custom blended colors. Over the years I have worked with mono prints, en-caustics, oils and acrylics but my favorite is assemblage work incorporating all antique found materials, a wonderful departure from painting.


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