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Two years ago, medical issues forced me to grudgingly stop working with glass. With trepidation I picked up colored pencils and began a deeper exploration into drawing. Fortunately, a lifelong fascination with stone had provided me with an extensive collection of Jasper and Agate. These stones are the subjects of my work.

Through a process of enlargement, discovery, and interpretation, I have delved into the multitude of layers inherent in stone to find a plethora of brilliantly colored “animal” images and “human” forms. I simply draw what I see in the dendrites and fractures of the stone and allow the lines and discrepancies to form a world of images.

Currently, to delve a bit deeper into the characters that evolve from the details in the stone, I am pulling small images from the original drawings to create enlarged and enhanced individual animal and human depictions.

Many of these images are comical, some are spooky, but all display a colorful liveliness that is derived from a simple picture in a small slab of stone.

Studio Location and Accessibility: 

Pull into my driveway and enter at the front door of my home. There are a few steps leading up to my porch.

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