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I grew up in Long Island, but have lived in Trumansburg for almost four decades. I taught as a GED Instructor at the Community Justice Center in Ithaca before retiring in 2017. I loved painting as a child, but didn’t get serious about art until I reached my early forties and had raised a family. Call me a late bloomer!

I suddenly felt a desire to paint with watercolor. I began with watercolor pencils and then paint. I loved the translucency of watercolor with its fluid, carefree characteristics.

After a decade, I moved from watercolor to oils exploring their earthy, creamy quality, great texture, and depth of color.

Recently, I’ve discovered alcohol inks. I work with the medium on non-porous paper. I am often startled by the free flow and vibrancy of alcohol inks. At present, I also make jewelry using alcohol inks to create tiny works of art.

Living in the Fingerlakes area, I am continually inspired. My art is representational and I have painted local landscapes and landmarks from Taughannock Falls to wineries. I also paint native wildlife such as wild geese, blue heron, and red fox.

This year I built my own art studio. I will be working there five days a week with my studio assistant – a french bulldog named King. I will also hold art classes and gather with other artists and creatives. Art has always been a journey for me, – an exploration of different mediums, techniques, styles and approaches. Above all, it’s a way to communicate and connect with others.

Studio Location Details:

Coming down Searsburg Rd. from Rt. 227, I’m the 7th farmhouse on the right – yellow with red porches. My studio is in the back of the house. Go around back.

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