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I have loved making pottery for over 30 years, but only recently, after retiring from public school teaching, have I taken on pottery as a full-time endeavor.  My work has evolved over time from mostly wheel-thrown circular forms, to include more hand-built elements and organic shapes. I use a variety of surface decoration techniques, often carving geometric patterns, or pressing leaves, lace or other textured items onto the surface of the pot.

I make functional ware (vases, planters, mugs, platters and other dishes for the home) but I treat each individual piece as a work of art. Groups of my cups, plates or bowls can work together beautifully as a set, but each piece has a unique variation in color or design, so that no two pieces are exactly alike.

My work is displayed in my 100-year-old-home in the Belle Sherman neighborhood of Ithaca. The beautiful house and garden were once owned by Mrs. Butterworth, the founder of the Ithaca Garden Club, and rented out, for one year, to the famous author Vladimir Nabakov. The built-in cabinetry and large windows offer a beautiful setting in which to display my art.


There are four steps to the entrance.

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