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The act of walking has been described as a controlled fall in which a person leans forward and out-of-balance in order to initiate motion.  For me, making art is like walking.  It involves leaning into the unknown — alive with anticipation, but with a sense of destination.

I began to make artworks at the same time that I began to practice meditation. These two practices, the receptive and the active, have anchored and informed my creative life.  My path has led me to work in both two and three dimensions — to employ a wide range of materials, and to originate unusual treatments.

My paintings seem to grow like crystals, whose multiple layers alternately obscure and reveal.  They are mysterious environments where a person is free to move about as if out-of-body, drawn and released by the pulse of color and energy of line.   Within them “abstraction” gives way to “freedom” as viewers wrap themselves in a vibration of color that is almost musical.

By contrast, my sculptures take their place in the world.  They locate us within ourselves and can be understood as tools for centering, grounding, meditation, and healing.  Involving varied materials and processes (carved wood, welded and hammered metals, cast paper or concrete), they are products of time, physical exertion and noise.  When finished, the sculptures become solid and timeless — as if magnetized by a silence that invites us to listen.

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