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I am a sculptor and painter whose large studio houses over 300 artworks including the interactive installations, “Nagasaki Prayerwheel,” and “Many Thousands Gone.” You will see many color-filled paintings including those painted on glass from my ongoing series, “Spun from Light, Woven in Silence.” My sculptures are made from wood, copper, bronze, concrete, lead, steel and cast paper.

I began to make artworks at the same time that he began to practice meditation. These two practices, the receptive and the active, have anchored and informed his creative life. Equally adept as a painter and a sculptor, I work in the solitude of a large studio in the hills above Ithaca. My work frequently appears in juried and invitational shows and in solo exhibitions in museums and galleries across the country.

His sculptures take their place among us in the world and can be understood as tools for centering, grounding, meditation, and healing. Involving varied materials, they are products of time, physical exertion and noise. Among these works are his “Peace Tablets,” a series of “Prayerwheels,” and two, large, interactive sculptures, “Many Thousands Gone” and “Nagasaki Prayerwheel.”

Whereas his sculptures are solidly anchored, his paintings offer new territories to explore. A journey through the 100 painting “Pilgrimage” series unfolds like a visual language. Subsequent series (“Mirage”, “Templates for Another Life,” “Meditation Shawls”) lead us to his ongoing series of paintings on glass, “Spun From Light, Woven In Silence.” John says that these paintings “grow like crystals.” The multi-textured results are extraordinarily fresh, immediate, and luminous.

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