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I was fortunate to have attended an “experimental” elementary school in the 1970’s that had a printing press, radio station and darkroom, all of which were run by the students. I found the darkroom a great place to hide from teachers, and as an added benefit got to learn the magical process of developing and printing photographs. From then on I was hooked, and explored the art of photography for many years.

Being a Luddite at heart, the replacement of the labor intensive printing process by digital formats prompted me to create 3-dimensional photographs that could not be replicated by computers. The transition between photography and sculpture eventually became an obsession with creating sculpture for its own sake, regardless of the medium used in the process. Through the years, carpentry and woodworking have been another passion, and I find myself frequently incorporating the skills I’ve learned as a contractor and furniture maker into my pieces. The materials I use are diverse and often include remnants from renovation projects. Sometimes they come from appliances and other items that people no longer find useful, and I strive to breathe new life into them in a different form. As an added bonus, the items I incorporate into a sculpture are kept from winding up in a landfill. The collection of materials I have amassed along with the multitude of potential associations and connections between them ignite my imagination with endless creative possibilities. While I sometimes begin a piece with a specific concept in mind, often I let the materials speak for themselves. In either case, there is always an evolutionary process that takes place as I work that takes on a life of its own, and I allow the piece to go where it wants and just try to help it get to where it wants to go.

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