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My passion for classical music makes me dream about musical instruments all the time. When I draw them, I rediscover them, I love every little detail of them, I like their color, their sound, and the different feelings that they invoke each time when you hear them. For me, every instrument has a character and a soul like a human being. I love showing them in a new way reading them with the depth of my feelings. I loved the violin since I was a child but I was a piano player and for a long time I did not have the opportunity to learn violin. I started learning as an adult. I continue to have my admiration for the strings and their mysticism. The purity of the sound has a healing effect on us just like when you see a painting with a good harmony of colors or a drawing with fine lines. I hope my visual art will have the same healing effect on you as the sound has on me.

As a graduate from an art school in Bulgaria, I was trained in classical drawing by nature and to work in different mediums. Throughout my life, I continue to enrich myself by taking various art workshops. I also worked on different themes. I showed my works in the Museum of the Earth and at the History Center in Ithaca. I had three solo shows in Ithaca last year.

Studio Location Details

My house is in the Northeast area of Ithaca. Once you find yourself on Hanshaw road, you can take my Salem drive and go a little bit more on the winding road. You will see the signs for the Art Trail on your right-hand side and the house is light green.

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