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Color, gesture and texture are boldly addressed in my work. I use dyes rather than paints and choose light-weight silk, cotton and rayon to work with. The colors and designs define my spirit and experience. Art Trail October weekends are a great time to share my stories, show my work, studio, techniques, successes and failures, my love of this life.

My formal training includes a Master of Fine Arts in printmaking and painting and I have sewn since a child. Through these experiences I have woven a life of art making by combining these three art forms. Most of my output is one-of-a-kind, although I have designed for scarf, fabric and fashion companies. A collection of my designs were produced in Switzerland, I established and ran a wearable art boutique, and taught textiles at Syracuse University. I continue to sell my work in boutiques around the country.

As an artist working with fabrics full time, I make sellable, “wearable art”, decorative fiber art for walls and functional fibers for the home. I enjoy the challenge of bridging these many disciplines and am inspired by the links between art making and production, one’s chosen materials, and the artist’s intent. I choose fabrics which allow the completed work to be cut and shaped into objects that warm, comfort and decorate. It is a way for my art to participate in people’s lives and to have a life of their own.

Painting with dyes is unique because unlike paint, dyes are thin transparent films of color that have an elusive presence within fabric’s structure. The fabrics, especially silks, take the colors in a rich, glowing way that I believe cannot be matched with paint and canvas. I am currently focusing on a new monoprinting/silk-screening technique that takes me back to my graduate school days.

Studio Location Details:

I share a studio with Dominica Brockman and Sarah Gotowka (both on the Art Trail!) Gimme Coffee, Good to Go – Sandwiches & Grocery, and One Green Horse Bookstore are our neighborhood. You can park on the street or, there is a parking lot across the street from our studio. Find the purple door with the number 15 over it and go to the top of the stairs.

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