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I make finely decorated, functional ceramics. When you visit, you will have the opportunity to see me making work in my studio as well as to see finished pieces in my upstairs gallery. Bring your lunch and picnic on the lovely back porch overlooking fields and forests!

I began my ceramic education in Tompkins County, learning from several wonderful area potters. I spent a number of years, during and after college, taking classes and apprenticing from potters in the North East.

During that time, I developed a line of functional artworks that are intended for daily use in the kitchen and home. My work is primarily wheel thrown with stoneware clay and the forms are spare and traditional.  What gives it its distinctive look is the glaze technique I employ, called glaze trailing. When using this technique, I dip half of each piece in glaze, leaving the other half raw and unglazed. I then draw, or trail, fine patterns with glaze all over the bare portion of the piece. The result is a textured, patterned surface that, although drawn with glaze, is very stable and precise. I use an electric kiln to fire all my work.

I love making pottery. It is a constant source of joy, amusement, and creativity. Every day in the studio makes me grateful- for the people who have helped make my dream a reality, and for my incredible good fortune to have discovered something I am passionate about. I’m so excited to be in the Finger Lakes and doing what I love! Please come visit

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