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I work on an “Ice Bench Experiment” each winter in my yard in just outside the Village of Trumansburg. I’m inspired by my natural surroundings, cold weather and the search for light, color and emotion in the darkest months. I enjoy immersing myself in the frigid outdoors which invigorates my mind, body and spirit.

I’ve worked in many mediums of art but a convergence of inspiration and necessity led to the creation of my current focus which is photography of ice and light. I began this project 8 years ago at my home of 20 years. As a full time caretaker I needed an artistic outlet with using minimal materials that wouldn’t clutter the home..

My photography is emotionally diverse in nature and I describe it as abstract reality. I create non manipulated photographs that are abstract in nature. The images document a sculptural creation of ice and light that evolves through the months of December-March of each year. I freeze ice in varying containers on my porch and add them to the ice bench each day. The weather influences the pace and transformations of ice. On a cold cloudy day the pace slows a bit, add the sun and the change speeds up so I must act fast to capture the changes. I feel like I’m making something out of nothing and when the ice melts the bench is all that remains.

Studio Location Specifics:

From Rt. 96 turn onto Taughannock Park Road and  then a quick left at the fork in the road. Its the second house a white Federal Style home with a wrap around porch.

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