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My art is as eclectic as my life — farm boy, avionics tech, architect, professor, digital entrepreneur. The common threads are a strong sense of place, an engagement in maps and graphics, and an urgent need to share the way I see.

Visual patterns haunt me. I took a photo of rocks along the St. Lawrence River’s edge in 2020. It surfaces in either the foreground or background of many of my paintings. In some pieces that photo’s pattern is a planned motif and in others it just squirts out of the brush or crayon.

Retired now, my art and artist involvements fill most days. I advance several media — acrylic painting, oil pastel abstracts, and color pencil drawings. When a piece has a social subject it is usually a rural subject. When a piece has an environmental subject it is usually focused down to just the essential elements – a tree may not have any smaller branches, a fish painting might show only the creature surrounded by abstract patterns rendered in fish colors.

A current eight-piece series in progress combine mobile methods, suggestions of music, and figures wrapped in dance. The pieces are about the energy of dancing. A second series addresses global migration.

I paint what I see. I also paint so I can see.


There are no steps into my garage studio. I do have a gravel driveway.
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