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My studio faces one of Trumansburg’s maple-lined streets. The front porch leads to the painting studio. The mobile studio is in the trees, self-guided.

Sometimes my painting and drawing expresses my feeling and ideas along themes: The Finger Lakes, done as pencil drawings; an autobiographical set, done in acrylic; and sometimes abstract expression without a theme, done in acrylic.

In childhood I sketched some, built all kinds of things using found materials. After other adventures, I landed in the Syracuse University School of Architecture where I was consumed by art and design. Years later, I retired from creating many things for many people.

Now I have only art. Several threads are progressing, outdoor mobiles, an icon for the Finger Lakes, a series of drawings based on local history across the Finger Lakes, furniture, book binding, poems, and abstract expressionist painting. Sample any of it at

I do not have an artist’s philosophy or a statement about method. Art is life and life is art. When my work enriches anyone’s life I am pleased. It’s nice if they pay. Art production is expensive.

I often quote, “I don’t want too much – a field across the road – a few good friends,” Greg Brown, from Rexroth’s Daughter.

Tours are offered by appointment.

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