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Much attracted by nature, I create landscapes ranging from the Finger Lakes to the Peruvian Andes. You’ll find silk screen, embossed prints, handmade paper, and hand printed poem books in my country studio.

I lives in Jacksonville in a country setting; I am  a poet, a pianist, a printmaker, and own an art gallery. I’ve studied book-making at Wells College Summer Book Arts Institute and produced artist-books as well as several chapbooks of my poem

I’ve visited Japan many times and in 1983 attended a Papermakers Conference in Kyoto which reflected a continuing love of paper in all forms. An exhibit of my prints and paperworks was presented in Nara in 2000. My work includes, embossed prints, etchings, silkscreens, artist-made paper, and hand-printed poem books.

When asked about the moves from one art form to another, I say that it’s really all the same thing.

Studio Location Specifics:

From Ithaca, take Rt. 96 North to Jacksonville (7 miles). 1/8 mile past the gas station turn left on Swamp College Road and travel 0.5 miles. Look for signpost 3299, turn left in the driveway. The studio is a separate building west of the house.

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