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My studio, Clayful Pots, is located in Brooktondale. My little barn is painted bright blue and green, which reflect some of the vibrant colors you will find on my pieces.

I grew up in the Town of Caroline and was first introduced to pottery at Ithaca High School and studied it throughout college. After graduation, I went to North Carolina to apprentice with a potter in Seagrove NC. Upon returning to Ithaca, I honed my pottery skills at the Clay School of Ithaca.  Connecting with other potters and creating there gave me the confidence to put my work out into the world. Just this past year, I realized my dream to have my own home studio and got it up and running in December of 2022. I’m excited to be able to share my space with the community!

I have always been inspired by the colors in nature, especially when spring and summer colors emerge. I try to find glazes that give me the same feeling as sitting by the lake or walking through a field of wildflowers. I have recently started using an assortment of designs on underglaze transfers which range from fun and whimsical to bold bright colors, featuring many types of plants and animals. I like to play with glazes and find new colors and patterns from combinations of glazes. I enjoy having control over my firing process and I am still working on finding the best studio setup that suits my space and creative flow.


There is one step to my studio.

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