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I carve an image into glass with a sandblaster and then use paint to bring out the image and give it some texture and depth. I feel as though I’ve just begun to realize the potential and have a ton of ideas and directions to explore. I strive to balance bold and stark imagery with delicate details.

I have always loved glass. When I was in high school I was lucky enough to visit the glass works in Venice and decided I must do something with glass. Instead, however, I joined the Navy so I could afford college and got my degree in Aeronautical Engineering as I have also always loved planes. As it turned out I didn’t work on glass or planes, instead basically ending up at a dead-end job, welding science equipment together for Cornell until I was ultimately laid-off.

By then I was in my mid 40’s and decided two things: I would do something I care about, and that I would work for myself. So now I find myself carving pictures into glass. Part of any artistic endeavor is to make something that will outlast the life of its creator. My hope is to leave some small bit of me behind to make some little part of the world a prettier place, long after my bones are gone.

Studio Location Details:

I am in the short section of Buck Hill Road South between Weatherby and Chapman Roads. If headed South from Rt. 79, you will travel about 3 miles until Chapman Road veers to the right. Stay LEFT on Buck Hill but be careful as traffic headed from the right also does not have a stop sign.

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