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I was born in Swansea, Wales, in 1946. When I was three, my parents moved to Ithaca, N.Y., where my father was offered a job teaching mathematics at Cornell University.

I was a wild, rebellious child from the beginning. My kind parents were always supportive and encouraged me to paint and draw since I was a toddler. My teachers also encouraged my artistic endeavors. My formal education ended with high school.

When I was 16, I received my first commission to paint an erotic mural on a bathroom wall. Other murals followed. Years later, in 1983, I painted the carousel horses on the merry-go-round at Stewart Park in Ithaca, and due to the publicity from newspapers after completing that job, I received many private commissions, and still do.

Eventually, I began teaching children’s and adult painting classes. I am now teaching adult watercolor classes in my studio.

In 2005 I got cancer, and spent months recovering in our sun-room. What a gift it was sitting without guilt on my butt and letting my mind wander! Four months later, I had enough energy to make paintings again!

Strangely, although I had never written anything in my life, I wanted to write down memories that had amused me while I let my mind wander.

The result was a memoir of my wild years called, The Whore Next Door. Each chapter is accompanied by one of my full/page/full/color illustrations. Currently, I’m writing the sequel, which I will also illustrate.

Studio Location Specifics:

Take Route 96 to Main Street, Trumansburg, N.Y., turn right onto Union Street between NAPA & Tompkins County Trust Bank, where you will almost immediately turn onto your first right, which is Cayuga St. Go one block. I live on the corner of Cayuga Street and Prospect Street in a small White House with a Red Doorwhich is #33 Cayuga Street.

There is no place to park on Cayuga St. So turn left onto Prospect St. and pull into our little parking lot. If the little lot is full – just park on the road.

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