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I can’t remember a time I was not sketching or drawing. A few years ago my mom brought over a huge pile of art work I had done as a kid. I had forgotten all about how prolific I was! It showed me I had always had it in me to express my view of the world through art. While in high school I briefly thought about art school, but that little voice in my head was getting in the way, telling me I would never be good enough at it. I went to nursing school instead, which has been a beautiful career. Art kept tugging on me though. Between my nursing career, going back to school, and raising kids I took the occasional class or workshop. A few years ago I took a college class in drawing, and completely lost my heart to art. I felt like this is what I was meant to do. Since then I have been painting consistently.

I paint mostly from nature, and often find my inspiration while hiking in this beautiful area we live at. I make sketches and paint outside whenever I can. Being in the actual environment helps me make feel more connected to what I am painting. In my work I hope to convey my love for nature and the beauty around us. There is never an end to learning, and you just never know where it leads to.

Studio Location Details:

My house is at the end of a shared driveway. At the bottom of Harvey Hill Road, take the first driveway past the bridge; go between the garage and the white house. Follow the driveway up to the 3rd house (a yellow raised ranch).

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