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When I had to close my small one woman business during the pandemic, I used the break to dive into pottery. I used the  internet to learn from potters who live in California, Minnesota, Canada, and England. People have asked me whether I would define myself as self taught. Yet, in today’s world with all the information you need being a mouse click away, I wonder, what is the meaning of self taught? It has been almost three years since I started dabbling in clay. I hear, in a potter’s life, that isn’t so much. I enjoy it though all the more.

Being a maker is at the core of my being, just like for so many of you. Over the years I have painted in acrylics, done newspaper and photo collages, sewed clothing, dolls and wall hangings for my kids. And like for so many of you also, for much of my life I have been busy with other things like raising my children, going to school, and starting my small business. Sometimes life grants us unexpected opportunities.

In my functional ceramics work I am still in the process of finding my style, and so far most of my pieces are one of a kind, or simple pairs that belong together. The series I am currently working on, and compelled to continue is contemporary and minimalist in style with a touch of funky. For this series I am using dark brown clay glazed with bright colors, mostly in tamale red and lake blue, but also other colors on the bright palette. I felt compelled to work on shape and form before moving on to decoration. Most of my pottery is wheel thrown, but some of it is slab work as well. But more recently I have incorporated texture with home made stamps made of clay. What I love about clay work is that it doesn’t appeal to the eye only, but to a tactile experience also. Come over and have a look.

Find my work on instagram (link under heashot)  and on Etsy at

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