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I’ve always loved drawing, painting, and exploring the curiosities of Earth and beyond. I prefer creating cartoonish images with bold lines and colors. My works often strike a balance between cute and grotesque.

I like painting my own misfit creations but also frequently depict monsters from folklore and cryptozoology. A trip to my studio means a good chance you’ll encounter Bigfoot, Lizard Man, Boo Hag, or other entities you may (or may not) have only heard about.

My appreciation of unnatural and natural creatures alike means I’m not above painting a normal animal. They’re sometimes serious (yet still in my style) but more often with human traits, some less than ideal. I’ve been commissioned for pet portraits and painted a series of animals with people food.

I don’t want to limit myself to art that can hang on a wall, so I enjoy decorating functional (and previously functional) objects with enamel paint. What’s the point of having something if you can’t make it your own?

I’m new to Tompkins County and am really liking it. I feel like it is a good fit for me and my family. There is art everywhere and I’m glad I can join in!


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