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In 2000, I took a photography class as a college senior and did a final project where I distorted light with glass and plastic. That led to an obsessive winter where I spent all night experimenting on new techniques to manipulate light. I wanted to make photographs that mimicked the style of the famous artists I enjoy, but I never quite got there, and before long the quest was abandoned.

10 years later I decided to try it again, and I dusted off a box of materials I had saved. I spent hours trying to recreate the magic – now I had a digital camera and instant feedback – but the results were awful and I gave up. Under different circumstances, that might have been it for my art career, but as fate would have it, that night we got a hard freeze that left some feathery frost on a window…

Since then, I have spent about a week each winter growing, collecting, and altering ice & frost, back on my quest to do crazy things with colors and make photos that look like paintings.

Generally, I consider myself more inventor than artist, and I have spent most of the past two decades creating other cool things like apps, games, food forests & communities. Now however, I am turning my creative attention towards this art, and excited to see what happens as I start to make it more intentionally and regularly.

Studio Location Details:
Best to consult online map if you don’t know the road – it is not located on route 13 – despite it’s ‘South Meadow St’ address – but rather an extension of the road that continues past the Kwik Fill gas station towards Spencer Rd. You can park along the north side of this road, or overflow into east side of used car lot.

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