Michele Steffey

As a veterinarian, my day job can be intense; having a creative outlet is rejuvenating.  My interest in the visual arts, fascination with technical aspects of photography, and my enjoyment of the outdoors marries together and much of my artwork features landscape imagery.  I strive for my work to be more than documentary, with depth and textural qualities.

I will not be open on Open Studio Weekends.

(Note: This artist is one of four who are not open on Open Studio weekends. The four are Denise Milito, Jon Reis, Michele Steffey and Ivy Stevens-Gupta.)




Finger Lakes Fine Art Prints, 75 Marina Rd., Lansing, NY 14882
NOTE: I will not be open on Open Studio weekends


From 34B in Lansing, turn onto Myers Road (just across from the Lansing Schools complex and south of the bridge that crosses Salmon Creek).  Follow Myers Road to the bottom of the hill, and cross the railroad tracks, heading toward Myers Park.  Just past the railroad tracks but before entering Myers Park, turn left into the Finger Lakes Marine Services boatyard.  Travel slowly all the way through the boatyard – the road will continue past a sign that designates “private property” at the very end of the boatyard, and I am the only house on this property.  Please only park on the gravel parking areas and not the grass.


I am a veterinarian by training, specializing in advanced small animal surgery and the treatment of cancer.  I love this profession, but it can be very intense, with tremendous highs and lows.  Having a creative outlet rejuvenates me and “refills the batteries.”  After completing the all-consuming years of my professional training, I rediscovered my interests in the visual arts, especially photography.  Married to my enjoyment of the outdoors and especially love of water, this results in much of my artwork featuring landscape photography, although recently I have begun to explore digital art with other focuses, ranging from community scenes to veterinary themes.  I am personally drawn to striking images with depth and textural qualities, and I attempt to bring these characteristics to my own work.  I adjust my “digital negatives” to recreate what I see and feel when the capture is made, and to make the images ready for printing.  In order to optimize the impact of each individual print, I choose from a variety of print media.  Overall, I strive for the images that I create to be evocative, to elevate above the simply documentary, but also as to be representative of the time and place in which they were made.  I currently divide my time between upstate NY (where my husband is a planetary scientist at Cornell University), and northern CA (where I am on faculty at the University of California-Davis), and so the bulk of my subjects are from these parts of the world.

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