Hannah Graeper Carver

I am a potter who has recently moved back to the Finger Lakes. I make fine, functional ceramics decorated in a unique style. When you visit, you will have the opportunity to learn how the pottery process works from start to finish. Bring your lunch, and picnic on our lovely back porch overlooking fields and forests!




6416 Route. 227, Trumansburg, NY 14886


The studio is located at 6416 Rt. 227, Trumansburg, just outside the village of Trumansburg.  From Trumansburg, turn onto Rt. 227 and drive approximately 3.3 miles. The studio is a 2 story natural wood building on the right, next to a large red barn. From the south, the studio is about 3/4 mile north of Perry City Rd., on the left. The studio is difficult to see when coming from the south because the barn blocks it from view.
Please note - Google Maps will take you to the big white house across Rt. 227 from the studio. This is a private residence, NOT the studio!  Please do not park in or block access to the driveway of the house!


I began my ceramic education in Tompkins County, learning from several wonderful area potters. After a number of years of taking classes and apprenticing, I moved to a studio in rural North Carolina where I continued to work and study. Learning the craft from such a variety of teachers over a period of about 10 years has given me the time and space to develop a deep familiarity and appreciation for clay.

My work is functional and intended for daily use. I use stoneware clay and food-safe glazes. My primary decoration technique is glaze trailing, by which I leave a large part of the outside of each piece unglazed and then I use that surface as a canvas upon which I draw, or trail, fine lines of glaze.  Most of my ceramic forms are delicate, clean and simple so as not to take away from the richness of the glaze patterns.   I love making pottery. It is a constant source of joy, amusement, and creativity. Every day in the studio makes me grateful- for the people who have helped make my dream a reality, and for my incredible good fortune to have discovered something I am passionate about. I’m so excited to be back home in the Finger Lakes and doing what I love! Please come visit!  

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